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Songs, songs and more songs!

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Music is a great learning channel, I always surprise myself singing along to songs that I haven’t heard in ages or even to songs I didn’t even know that I knew the lyrics to!

Growing up I also learned English songs which I didn’t understand completely but I remembered the pronunciation well enough to work out later what exactly they were about.

Our songs are an important feature in our learning programme. An arrange of original songs, adapted traditional nursery Rhymes or modern Children’s songs are chosen to suit our learning objectives and are constantly being revised, reshuffled or restyled according to our very picky and expert fans, our young learners.

We are lucky to have a talented and creative team of musicians, singers and lyricists that make our regular visits to the recording studio a fun  and nearly always a successful event.



We are not lounging around… well Nano is!

It’s mid August and I am all set to get our new exciting term ready!

Check out our classes for this September:

Mondays 9.45 am and 10.20 am. 1 to 3 year olds at Earlsfield Library. 276 Magdalen Rd, London SW18 3NY

Tuesdays 3.30 pm. 3 to 5 year olds at St Barnabas church, Lavenham Rd, London SW18 5PE

Wednesdays 11 am. 1 to 3 year olds at St Luke’s Hall.194 Ramsden Rd, London SW12 8RQ

Fridays at 9.45 am. 1 to 3 year olds at Mansel Centre. Mansel Road, London SW19 4AA

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Nanos Spanish: How much our toddlers learn!

Our Nanos Spanish programme was born with the clear believe that languages are best learned when they are introduced at an early age.

Babies and toddlers learning to speak their mother tongue are constantly figuring out what surrounds them, sounds, words, concepts. Exposing them to another language will not add extra work, they are experts at making connections, listening, absorbing, making sense to it all and with no fear of getting it wrong!

The wonderful linguistic ability of babies and toddlers is extendedly been researched and documented. At Nanos Spanish we witness their immense capacity to learn every day.

We are very proud to be offering a very stimulating and entertaining learning environment in our classes.

Here are some lovely parent testimonials

We will be offering free trials next week from Monday 8th of February 2016

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Nano Tips 5: Spanish Apps for children

There are a lot of Apps for children.

Having done my research individually and drive tested the Apps observing my son Oscar loving, or disliking others here is what I found. My criteria has been the following: for toddlers, good graphics, simple activities,  easy navigation good pronunciation and no adds. For older children, all mentioned above plus interesting challenging games.

A bit more Spanish help for our parents

Summer is over and you might have practised your Spanish during a nice holiday in Spain and remembered how much fun it is to speak an other language!

Well, here is a bit more help to our Nanos Spanish parents: a collection of videos assembling levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 in the Instituto Cervantes’s ELE  (Spanish as a foreign Language) programme.

Enjoy September and keep practising!10361452_330664880446790_6350352783175031318_n