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Teach your toddler Spanish

Toddler- hood the best time to learn

September can be a great time to start something new, why not teach your toddler Spanish.

The idea might sound a bit crazy when you think that they are only starting to speak their first language, but this is exactly why it is the optimal time to introduce a second language, at their developmental stage, they are the best students, very easily entertained, posses the most inquisitive minds and are ready to copy and imitate sounds.

The key to success is putting yourself in their shoes, think what your toddler or toddlers love to do and do it in Spanish.

Read here some tips on how to start.

For Spanish classes for toddlers and pre school children in Wandsworth, Earlsfield, Clapham, Balham and Wimbledon check our groups here.

In 2018 learn Spanish with your children

The beginning of a new year is the perfect moment to plan and start new things.

Why not learn Spanish with you children!

For tips on how to get started read our new blog post!

Let me know how you get on!


The Gift of Learning a New Language

The best present you will find this year!

Give your children the gift of learning a new language.

An interactive Spanish learning programme for under 5s

your children will learn through pictures, activities, songs and videos that will make them dance and participate actively!

Don’t miss this chance of joining our monthly membership with the first three months at half price!

Spanish for pre schoolers

Nanos Spanish favourite 5 Gift Ideas

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas time and the brain racking exercise of finding gifts will begin.

Here at Nanos Spanish we have selected our five favourite Gift ideas for children.

I hope we can be of help.

Visit us here to see our list.

Offer a second Language at your Nursery

To be able to offer a second language at Nursery or Early Years setting would be really great.

Having taught Spanish at all levels, I couldn’t be happier to have chosen to concentrate all my efforts to teach at Early Years.

Children at early childhood are so eager to learn, they have so much fun by doing so that every session with them is pure joy.

I realise that not all nurseries or Early Years settings have a specialist Language teacher, so I thought I could do something to help.

Have a read at our Blog Post and find out how!

Learn Spanish with your toddler at Eddie Catz

Learn Spanish with your toddler at Eddie Catz Earlsfield from September.

Our classes are active, varied and fun. We aim to introduce a second language through games, action songs and educational activities. Parents and toddlers can start together the magical journey of learning a new language.

Learn Spanish at Eddie CatzWe will be at Eddie Catz on Mondays at 9.45 am and 10.15 am

When you join us this September at Eddie Catz, you will be able to enjoy their facilities before or after the class.

We are offering a free trial to new Nano’s friends on Monday the 4th of September.

Get in touch for availability at

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No time to come to our Spanish classes? are you already attending but want more?

I am so excited to share our news!

We have been working hard to extend our programme provision and be able to offer parents, nurseries and childminders and exciting educational membership to access all our resources from home.

Nano Spanish Club will provide easy to follow lessons and activities for you and your kids to learn Spanish together.

All our vocabulary will be also featured in a series of fun videos that will encourage the children to participate and be interactive.

Have a look at our website Nano Spanish Club and register your interest so we can keep you posted.

Join our FB group: Nano Spanish Club to start benefiting from some fun activities we are offering.

Hasta pronto!